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Civil Processing Training
Date: November 17, 2022
Time: 9 am - 4 pm

Location: SC Sheriffs' Association
               112 Westpark Blvd., Columbia, SC 29210
Cost: $30 per attendee - includes class materials & snacks/drinks during the training (not lunch).

Registration Coming Soon

Non-Ferrous Metals Training: Curtailing Catalytic Converter Theft

This training is intended for law enforcement and Secondary Metals Recyclers (SMRs). With the enactment of H. 3991 (Act 80) in 2021, the Non-Ferrous Metals permitting and enforcement processes have changed. So, to ensure both law enforcement and recyclers are interpreting and implementing the law in the same manner, the SC Sheriffs' Association is partnering with the SC Recyclers' Association, the SC Police Chiefs' Association, and the SC Law Enforcement Officers' Association to host a webinar on the new law and processes.

Catalytic Converter PowerPoint Presentation

To watch the recorded webinar please CLICK HERE 

Non-ferrous metals documents:

Available Training Classes outside SCSA
(click on each course title for more information)

      1. Law Enforcement Community Engagement Conference
        July 25 -27, 2022
        Click Here to Register
        Hosted by: Clark County Sheriff's Office, Athens, GA

      2. Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers
        Active Shooter Threat Training Program
        July 26-29, 2022

      3. Advanced Investigative Methods for Staged Murders
        September 12-14, 2022
        The class will be held at the Columbia Convention Center, and registration will be online through TriTech Forensics
        Hosted by: Columbia Police Department

      4. Identifying Child Sex Trafficking in SC
        Hosted by: UofSC Children's Law Center
        A self-paced Online Training