President's Message

This is truly special, and I am humbled by the opportunity to serve as
your President. I am a simple man. As such, I try to keep things as easy as possible. So, during my term as President, I want to make things as simple as A-B-C.

A - Accountability. 
We hold our deputies accountable. We live in an age where we are accountable to our public. We are filming ourselves everywhere we go with body cameras. But we need to hold ourselves accountable as well. We must hold each other accountable. Period. There is no excuse. I will make this a priority during my term.

B - Better.
We need to do whatever we can to better our profession, to better our officers, to better our benefits. Our men and women are doing incredible work and they deserve to be rewarded. We must be able
to recruit and retain the very best candidates if we want to provide our citizens with the very best service and protection.

C - Communication.
We need to better our communication with each other and especially with our communities. We must communicate that we are not the bad guys, we are the good guys, and we are still going to be cops. We are going to enforce the law and we will not caudle those who break the law. I firmly believe if we communicate this message and serve and protect with integrity and fairness our communities will support us.

As I said, it is simple. But I firmly believe if we follow these A-B-C's our profession, and our Association will grow and will be enhanced. Again, I am grateful for the opportunity to lead this tremendous organization and I look forward to a wonderful year!

President Sheriff Mike Crenshaw

Sheriff Kevin Tolson
York County Sheriff
SC Sheriffs' Association 2021-2022 President